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Winter Wonderland
Even Angels Fall
1st-Jan-2011 09:57 pm
Sesshoumaru soft
Title: An Unexpected Gift...
Author: aimee_blue
Genre: General
Words: 499
Rating: K+
Summary: AU. Kagome is surprised by what is waiting for her on Christmas Day.

Yawning hugely, Kagome padded across her open plan apartment to the window that overlooked the street. Apartments in Tokyo were expensive and even her tiny flat had a rather heady rent that would have made it unbearable if not for this. On days like today, when snow had fallen overnight and diffused the grime and dirt of the city under a festive blanket of pure white, the view from this particular window over her sink was about as glorious as she could ask.

The small patch of garden right outside her window was a glorious summer garden that didn’t lose its beauty in winter. Instead the permission tree donned a white coat and became just as picturesque as it was in full bloom.

It was Christmas, and she knew that most of her friends were spending the day snuggling with their partners. Miroku, for one, had always been a genius at exploiting the chill of the season to garner some close and generally heated contact with members of the fairer sex. Unfortunately, the only dating options Kagome had available to her were the over amorous advances of a certain wolf-like next door neighbour. Kouga was a lovely man who was valiantly chivalrous and always offering to help her with odd jobs, but his invasions of personal space made him impossible to put up with. And she didn’t want to have to put up with anyone; she wanted to want somebody.

Shaking her head to disperse the negative and faintly depressing thoughts, Kagome moved to put the kettle on and froze as something caught her eye. Skidding across the kitchen in her socks, she peered out of the window cautiously.

Yes. There was definitely a snow angel sprawled in the street. Or at least the person might have been making one... before they’d... fallen asleep?

Kagome’s conscience chose that moment to pipe up. Are they okay?

Hastily donning her coat over her pyjamas and jamming her feet into wellington boots, Kagome’s fumbling fingers managed to unlock the door and she sprinted across the street.

Skidding to a stop in front of the fallen person, she belatedly realised that it was a man. His long spun silver hair had disconcerted her for a moment but now, up close, the angle of his jaw line exuded a masculine beauty. The markings, decorating his forehead and his cheekbones were entrancing, and before she knew it her littlest finger was tracing the curve of the crescent moon on his forehead.

He was ethereally beautiful.

I guess I was a good girl this year, she mused idly.

Magenta eyelids fluttered and she squeaked as his eyes opened to reveal beautiful golden irises with slitted pupils, a clawed hand shot out and gripped her arm with crushing pressure. They gazed at each other for an immeasurable moment, before he slumped back into unconsciousness.

“What are you?” she whispered as she carefully held his head in her lap.

Santa had certainly delivered her something spectacular this holiday...
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