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Winter Wonderland
Even Angels Fall
Week 102 - Holidays [Drabble] 
4th-Jan-2011 10:35 am
Title: Modern Customs
Author: Paynesgrey
Genre: Humor
Word count: 500
Rating: G
Warnings: None. I apologize for my lazy research on this topic.
AU/Canon: Canon, post-Manga

Summary: Sesshoumaru becomes victim to one of Kagome's modern customs.

Sesshoumaru was an unexpected, innocent victim almost immediately when he walked through the door of Kaede’s hut to deliver a dress to Rin. Unknowingly, he stood underneath the plant that Kagome had insisted on hanging up by the corner during that winter solstice, and as Kagome jumped to greet him (as Rin was out for the moment), her eyes widened slightly as she looked above his head and saw the yadorigi dangling between them.

It would have been smarter to say nothing. After all, Sesshoumaru did not know the custom, and Kagome was sure he wouldn’t care if she explained it to him.

Yet, Miroku had to complicate things by pointing it out. “Ah, Kagome-sama, you and your brother-in-law-to-be are standing under that mistletoe. Is it not a future custom to greet the other with a kiss?”

Kagome turned red, and for once, the stoic Sesshoumaru looked quizzical. Slowly, he looked up at the plant and then back down at Kagome’s nervous expression. Instead of giving her a murderous glare, which she expected, Sesshoumaru oddly seemed to be in good spirits and looked to her silently for more explanation.

“Oh, Miroku-sama, Nii-san doesn’t care about that Western notion,” Kagome said with a tremulous chuckle, but much to her mortification, the term “Western” piqued his interest. Kagome wondered if Sesshoumaru had dealings with the few Westerners that did come to Japan in this period.

“Explain,” he demanded. Kagome released a sigh and hurriedly explained the folklore of her time where people kissed under mistletoe.

“Even if they are not engaged,” Miroku said with some amusement, and his eyes looked wistful. “The people of the future have such innovative ideas.” Kagome threw him a glare and returned her gaze to Sesshoumaru who was still looking at her contemplatively, making an awkward moment much more grating.

She sighed. Well, here goes nothing, she thought, realizing she’d probably be killed or worse, Inuyasha would walk in with his sword ready to blow the whole house up. She moved fast, reaching up quickly to give Sesshoumaru a peck to his soft lips. He stood as stony as a statue and did not react immediately, but he met her eyes again with much more animation within his own.

Kagome’s mouth dropped at the notion that he did not look at her with repulsion or try to retaliate with his acid whip. Although the silence was unnerving, it was better than meeting his usual wrath.

“Strange,” he murmured, placing his finger to his lips, which only fueled Kagome’s embarrassment.

“Yeah, well, sometimes you are stuck kissing someone you’d rather not,” she said wryly.

This time his look was murderous, and Kagome realized her offense. She laughed nervously and swatted him playfully in the arm. “I didn’t mean you, silly.”

Fortunately, he seemed somewhat appeased by her words; however, Kagome found it somewhat worrying (albeit curious) when Sesshoumaru, still beside her, did not remove himself from underneath the plant - especially after now knowing its intent.
5th-Jan-2011 07:33 pm (UTC)
The idea of Kagome being engaged to Inuyasha irks me....but the illict-ness (if that's even a word) of the situation is so yummy...so I guess I can get over that. Love it to bits. :]
5th-Jan-2011 07:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading! :D
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