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Winter Wonderland
Even Angels Fall
26th-Jan-2011 01:23 am(no subject)
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
As much as I dislike the idea, I really have come to the conclusion that ebony_silks has spun its last webs around LJ. It's finally time to declare an official:


...for an indeterminate period of time. possibly forever but there's still Dokuga so SK fans still thrive in one place! ^^;

Thank you all for supporting this comm for so long and I'm sorry I got you guys out of one hiatus only to go into another so soon...but participation is really low - both for writing challenges and for voting - and I don't think there's any point in poking you guys again and again to participate.

Thank you for three years we had together! Thank you for making 100+ themes possible - you guys are and will always be the best! ♥

I still can't believe that I managed to run such a successful contest for so long and I'm glad that the Sesshoumaru/Kagome torch continues to burn! It's all that matter anyway! xDD

*shoos you off to dokuga_contest *


Buh-bye! See ya all around the netz. OH! And...

You can defriend but you shall forever remain in the collective memory of this comm! THERE IS NO ESCAPE...NONE I SAY! xDDD
15th-Jan-2011 06:26 pm - [WEEK #103] [ONESHOT THEME - TEASE]
Sesshoumaru soft
Title: Safe Place
Author: aimee_blue
Genre: General Romance
Words: 887
Rating: K+
A/N: Continues from my piece An Unexpected Gift.
Summary: AU.Kagome nurses her unexpected visitor.

Safe PlaceCollapse )
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
Our first voting in such a long time. I'm almost nervous. *quirky smile*

Christmas Morning

An Unexpected Gift...

Warm Gesture

Modern Customs

You have until Wednesday, January 12th to place your votes for two entries (in order of preference)! Please try to? For the sake of people's work. ^^;


Now! Your theme for Week 103 will be:


* You have until Saturday, January 15th to submit your entries!
* This is a one shot theme - minimum 500 words please~

Good luck and hope you'll write!
4th-Jan-2011 10:35 am - Week 102 - Holidays [Drabble]
Title: Modern Customs
Author: Paynesgrey
Genre: Humor
Word count: 500
Rating: G
Warnings: None. I apologize for my lazy research on this topic.
AU/Canon: Canon, post-Manga

Summary: Sesshoumaru becomes victim to one of Kagome's modern customs.

Modern CustomsCollapse )
Title: Warm Gesture
Author: redsn0wflakes
Genre: Romance
Word count: 381
Rating: G
Warnings: Vague fluffiness.
AU/Canon: AU

He has a feeling this holiday would be one he an unforgettable oneCollapse )
2nd-Jan-2011 03:31 am(no subject)
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome

Since we just recently returned and the holidays are not really over yet, I'm extending - like I expected I would - till January 8th!

Two very awesome people came through already! Can we get more stories till next week ladies?

Remember that your theme is Holidays - very simple theme that doesn't necessarily shackle you to Winter...there is still summer and whatever else holiday you can think of! ♥

P.S: Also - advertise us if you can?


It would mean a lot to me if you could! ^^;
Sesshoumaru soft
Title: An Unexpected Gift...
Author: aimee_blue
Genre: General
Words: 499
Rating: K+
Summary: AU. Kagome is surprised by what is waiting for her on Christmas Day.

An Unexpected GiftCollapse )
New Avatar

Title – Christmas Morning
Author – SunsetMiko

Genre – Humor, General
Word count – 497

Rating - G
Warnings – Fluffy, with serious tense issues
AU/Canon - AU
Note: This goes with my 'The Joys of Parenthood' series, most of which (what I've gotten around to posting anyway) can be found here.



Christmas MorningCollapse )


26th-Dec-2010 01:43 pm(no subject)
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
Hope dies last!



...and hoping to stay that way. ^^;

Please go and reread the rules on the profile to reacquaint yourself with how things run around this comm. How to post, how to tag etc etc!

This week's theme is...!


* You have until Saturday, January 8th to submit your entries!
* This is a drabble theme - maximum 500 words please~

Good luck and hope you'll write!
16th-Nov-2010 12:34 am(no subject)
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
Eleven months from my last post here, I thought I'd wiggle back into existence a bit.


Here's a poll of curiosity! ♥

If we started giving out prompts again, would you be interested in writing/voting?

Yes, please!
Meh, so and so...
Not really.
Heck no!


15th-Jan-2010 05:48 pm - Week 101 - Omen [drabble]
discussion, opposites, contemplative

Title: Attraction Distraction.
Author: SangoShadowphoenix
Theme: Omen
Rated: ‘E’ for Everybody
Word Count: 500. Oh God, I made it! (Though, not really for the deadline. Hahaha!)
Genre: Humor.
Universe: Alternate Feudal Universe.
Summary: Sesshoumaru desperately wants a new maid. Or to disappear with a cup of tea. That would be nice, too.


* * *
Attraction DistractionCollapse )

* * *


9th-Jan-2010 05:51 pm - Week 101?
Been out of the loop for a while. Haha. Think the last time I did a challenge here it was week 36? I'm laaaaame. Anyways, I only saw 1 entry for 'omen' challenge and figured that was the drabble we were on. Let me know if I was wrong.

Title: Dog House
Author: Herr Drosselmeyer (here, Gumshoewitch. Name was too long T^T)
Theme: Omen
Genre: Humor
Word Count: 280
Rating: G
Universe: CU post series
Summary: In Which Sesshoumaru finds himself the butt of ridicule...
In tandem with Tallymark's series 'Dog at Heart...'
19th-Dec-2009 09:04 pm - Week 100 Awards
Congratulations to all of you!! ^.^ Here are your awards :) 

AwardsCollapse )
20th-Dec-2009 01:22 am - Week 100 Winners!
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
Sorry for the lateness. I was sick. Really really sick. *sneeze*

Here are your winners! All of them...xDD ♥

First Place!

Just this once

Second Place!


Third Place!

Bad Day

Congratulations to...everyone who participated! Beautiful banners will be up soon enough! ^^;

~Don't forget to enter our currently challenge. We already have one entry and we're kinda hoping that, maybe, this time we won't be forced to extend. >>;~
18th-Dec-2009 10:22 am - WEEK 101 - OMEN
Let's Hug
Title: The Cat's Meow
Author: CookieAsylum
Theme: Omen
Genre: General
Word Count: 500
Rating: G
Universe: Canon
Summary: As luck would have it, Kagome's just been dealt an awful hand. But perhaps, things aren't always as bad as they seem...
Warning: This is part one of a tale titled A Feline Fiasco

The Cat's MeowCollapse )
14th-Dec-2009 01:19 am - Week 100 Voting~
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
*waves* We have three entries - two of which I'm sure are awesome because they just are - so it's time to close this theme and announce the next one.


Just this Once…?

Bad Day

Since this is Week 100 and we've just hit an important marker in our community, I will ask you all to vote for ALL your favorite entries, in the order of your preference. Everyone will be a winner this one time, because it's Week 100. xDD

You have until Wednesday, December 17th to place your votes! Please try to? For the sake of people's work. ^^;


Now! Your themes for Week 101 will be:


Word Theme:
December 14 - December 25


Fun Theme:
December 14 - December 25
Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me

You have to choose from one or another but both have to be drabbles!

I hope that we have at least three entries once more...to be able to proceed with voting. Just remember that you can always ask for an extension if you feel you need one.

We're a laid back community! ♥


3rd subject of this post - we now have a new layout and a new profile layout! I can't quite figure how to add the former header to this current lj layout, but never fear! I shall keep on trying.

But on the whole, I think that you guys will love both our new additions! ♥
14th-Dec-2009 01:04 am - Week 100 - Free Theme
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
*rushes in* Might as well...though I'm not sure I really like it. *bites nails*

Title: Bad Day
Author: royalbk
Theme: #Bad Omen
Genre: Comedy
Word count: 1300
Rating: T
Character(s)/Pairing: Sesshoumaru & Kagome
Fandom: Inuyasha
Summary: Together they made a not so ordinary fairytale. But who really needed glorified princes and wilting princesses in the end? SesshoumaruxKagome
A/N: This is the third drabble in my Fairytale Figments collection. You can find the rest on FF.net, even though you're not necessarily missing anything of vital importance yet.

Just developing the relationship

Bad DayCollapse )
12th-Dec-2009 10:38 pm - Week 100 - Free Theme
discussion, opposites, contemplative

Title: “Just this Once…?”
THEME: “A Memorable Event” --- as inspired by our passing of “Week 100”
Author: Sango Shadowphoenix
Word count: 2700. Clearly, a one-shot.
Rated ‘M’ for “Mature.” Or “Many Explicit Sexual Situations.” Your Pick.
Genre: Lemon. Probably a PWP…?
Universe: Alternate
Disclaimer: InuYasha and its characters belong to Takahashi-sensei.

Summary: Kagome’s in a pinch. A pinch she just might as well enjoy.

Dedication: I dedicate my first lemon to ebony_silks, because it was the first writing community I joined, has awesome readers and writers and lurkers, and because it does wonders to get my lazy ass back into gear for writing. So, I humbly give to you, ebony_silks, my first lemon. *curtsy* Please be kind and give me pointers~ Hahaha.
No. Seriously. Tear it apart, and don’t be afraid to spit it back at me, despite that it is “a lemon.” (Actually, this goes for all my works!)

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content. Proceed if over 18. If not over 18 --- just don’t let anyone catch you. And if you get caught, be smart and take responsibility for your actions. (For example, blame yourself for proceeding despite the warnings, not the person who’s posting on the internet.) *peace sign*

One more A/N: I apologize profusely for the tardiness. And. Despite my best efforts…. I think this might fall into the category of a PWP. *frown* That’s also a first.

* * *
Read more...Collapse )
* * *

12th-Dec-2009 02:08 am - Week 100 - Free Choice theme
Title: Victorious
Author: Tally Mark
Genre: Humor
Word Count: 500
Rating: G
Universe: Canon
Author's Note: Waugh. I'd planned to submit something much bigger, but at 5000 words plus and still going it obviously won't be finished tonight. So I threw this together instead. Sorry if it's rushed and sucky. :( Part of the Dog at Heart saga.

5th-Dec-2009 12:55 am - Requested extension...
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
*smile* Because someone requested an extension for Week 100 and because no one's chasing us anywhere, you all have another week to submit your entries.

The deadline has been prolonged till Friday, December 11th!

*strikes pose*
2nd-Dec-2009 02:06 am - Reminder!
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
Can we please get some submissions for Week 100 please?

It's a Free Choice oneshot/drabble with the added bonus of the Fun Theme to give you guys more choices to pick from.

We have 0 entries and we're already in the middle of the second week and close to ending this theme. We can't celebrate such a special occasion with no entries to vote for.

28th-Nov-2009 08:01 pm - Week 99 Awards
Congratulations to our winner!! Your banner is ready :)

Read more...Collapse )
26th-Nov-2009 10:24 pm - Week 100 Submission! ^^;
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
Sorry for the lateness. Your winner for the Stealth theme is...

The Art of Being Sneaky

Congratulations lin_yun! Your banner will be up shortly!


Your 100th theme is a bit more speshul.

Word Theme: FREE CHOICE~!

AND, from now on, I shall be adding a second challenge for those who are interested.

Fun Theme: When it rained, it poured

You must choose from one of these two themes - your call - and write a one shot or a drabble until December, 11th.

The second theme I've given you can either be a sentence or the general idea of your ficlet.

If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask me, yes? ^^;
22nd-Nov-2009 01:04 am - Week 99 Voting!
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
Three entries are good enough so I'm closing! ♥

Anxiety-Fueled Insomnia

The Art of Being Sneaky

Ulterior Motives

Vote for your 1 favorite entry until Thursday, November 25th please! I think that's time enough so don't forget yes? ^^;

Your 100th theme will be announced soon enough - as soon as Quirky and I decide that is. xDD
20th-Nov-2009 08:16 pm - Week 99 - Oneshot - stealth
Title: Ulterior Motives
Author: Saholia
Words: 666
Rating: T (for langague)
Summery: Sesshomaru thinks it's time to make his move...**Continuation of "Intangible" **
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or its characters

12th-Nov-2009 03:53 pm - Week 99 - Oneshot - stealth
BurupyaHoldingOn, BurupyaSliding, BurupyaPya

Title: The Art of Being Sneaky.
Author: Sango Shadowphoenix
Word count: 4321
Rated ‘E’ for Everyone
Canon Universe, Post-Naraku, Modern Era.
Disclaimer: InuYasha and its characters belong to Takahashi-sensei. So does Tessaiga, of course.

Summary: The good news: Tessaiga has finally been found. The bad news: Sesshoumaru has to steal his own family heirloom, Kagome is as clueless to old courting customs as she is prone to sticking her pretty neck into troublesome situations, and the aforementioned demon lord wants to tie the knot with the girl with the pretty neck. With, of course; not on.
Warnings: n/a

* * *

5th-Nov-2009 12:28 pm(no subject)
Congratulations to everyone! Below are your banners. ^.^

AwardsCollapse )
5th-Nov-2009 01:24 pm - Week 99//Oneshot//Stealth
Title: Anxiety-Fueled Insomnia
Genre: Romantic, mushy crap (I am not normally a romantic writer! Why, muses, why?! *shakes fists*)
Word count: ~650
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
AU/Canon: Post-canon
A/N: Since I'm sick and have several busy weeks coming up, I hope you all don't mind me posting pretty early. Thanks to those who commented on my week 98 drabble, as well--I apologize for the influx of cavities.

Read more...Collapse )

4th-Nov-2009 08:56 pm - Week 98 Winners!
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
Thank you all for your participation! We've gotten enough votes to close this round! xDD

First Place!


Second Place!

Dispassionate Observer

Third Place!


Congratulations to you guys! Beautiful banners will be up...when they'll be up. xDD
31st-Oct-2009 07:26 pm - Week 98 Voting!
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
Voting post is going to stay this time...promise! ♥



Dispassionate Observer



Showdown at the Campsite

Please vote for three favorite entries until Tuesday evening...I'll close it sometime on Wednesday I think. ^^;

Your next theme is the one-shot Stealth - a truly Sesshoumaru-fitting theme! You have until November 14th to post.
29th-Oct-2009 09:22 pm - [Week 98][Drabble theme: Pain]

Title: Showdown at the Campsite
Author: iloveprettysilverhair
Genre: Humor
Word Count: 300
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Probably won’t make sense unless you’ve read the series.
AU/Canon: AU

A/N:  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?!  This is the 4th instillation of my mini-series “Mirror, Mirror” where everything is topsy-turvy!  Okay, so now it might make a little sense :-p 




Showdown at the CampsiteCollapse )


29th-Oct-2009 08:31 pm - Week 98 Drabble - Pain
New Avatar
Title: Hope
Author: Sunset Miko
Genre: Angst I guess
Word Count: 499
Rating: G
Warnings: Eh… Nothing
Universe: Canon

HopeCollapse )

25th-Oct-2009 02:17 pm - [Week 98] [Drabble Theme | Pain]
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
Title: Aftermaths
Author: royalbk
Genre: Romance/Humor
Word count: 500
Rating: T
Warnings: It's been some time since I've written anything for the Silk and Blood universe...actually since I've written anything for this fandom. Just a little snippet.
Takes place between Chapter I and Chapter II. xDD
AU/Canon: AU
Summary: Kagome and Sesshoumaru have their first time banter in bed

AftermathsCollapse )
24th-Oct-2009 07:18 pm - Week 98: Drabble / Pain
Title. Dispassionate Observer
Author. Sensei
Prompt. Drabble/Pain
Genre. Angsty Introspective / Adventure
Word count. 300
Rating. OT
Warnings. None
AU/Canon. Canon
Summary. Sesshoumaru is determined to feel nothing for a certain miko, no matter what the provocation.
Author's Note. My first post here. *waves* (Hope I did everything right and that this take on the pairing is welcome. Sesshoumaru-in-denial is my favorite flavor.)

Dispassionate ObserverCollapse )
21st-Oct-2009 08:48 pm - Week 97 Awards! ^.^
Congratulations to all the winners! ^.^

AwardsCollapse )
21st-Oct-2009 06:39 am - "Overlook" Winners
Here are your winners!

First Place

Homecoming by playinthewaves

Second Place

Western Skies by harlowrd

Congratulations! Banners should be up soon. Thanks to everyone who voted and participated.

Please don't forget about our Pain drabble challenge going on right now! Thanks.
20th-Oct-2009 02:01 am - Week 98//Drabble//Pain
Title: Nature
Genre: Fluff
Word count: 300
Rating: G
Warnings: None
AU/Canon: Post-canon, I suppose...

18th-Oct-2009 08:55 pm - Week #98 | Pain [Drabble]
Kids Inc - NERD!
Title: Consolation
Author: LuxKen27
Universe: Canon
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Rating: T
Word Length: 500
Summary: Kagome struggles in the aftermath of battle.

Author’s Note: Part of the “Allegiance” series, a sequel to ‘Salvation.’ This is the last entry in this particular story arc of the serial.

ConsolationCollapse )
17th-Oct-2009 07:17 am - "Overlook" Voting
It's time to vote!

A New Threat


Familiar Faces

Western Skies

Please vote for TWO ENTRIES by Tuesday evening (October 20th) with a comment to this entry. The winner will be posted Wednesday.

Our next challenge is a drabble, Pain of 500 words or LESS due October 30th, and you can start posting those now.

17th-Oct-2009 12:58 am - [Week 97] Overlook
Well! I'm not sure if I'm still within the deadline, since I'm in a different time zone and Sesshoumaru seemed quite unwilling to let me write about his flaws. This is supposedly part of a bigger project on Sesshoumaru's psychological issues that I'll most likely never finish. Okbai.

Title: Western Skies
Author: Harlow R.
Genre: General/Angst
Word count: 873
Rating: G
Warnings: None
AU/Canon: Canon

Read more...Collapse )
16th-Oct-2009 08:59 pm - Week 97 // Overlook
Title: Familiar Faces
Author: Paynesgrey
Rated: PG
Word Count: 1,561
Genre: Drama/Romance
Universe: AU
Prompt: "Overlook" theme at ebony_silks
Warnings: violence in earlier chapters
Notes: Part seven of my "Some Dreams" serialization. You may need to read previous installments to understand what's going on.

Summary: As Kagome and Sesshoumaru are taken in for questioning, both of them come in contact with a woman from the past.

Familiar FacesCollapse )
16th-Oct-2009 12:56 am - [Week 97][Oneshot--Overlook]
Hi! *waves shyly*

Er, after further reading of previous entries, this may have fit better into Week 90. But since I hadn't known about this comm, I suppose I'll post it anyway. Moving on...

Title: Homecoming
Genre: Overenthusiastic fluff.
Word Count: ~1000
Rating: Light T? (allusions to sex, one kiss)
A/N: Comments/concrit much appreciated.

10th-Oct-2009 09:20 pm - Inuyasha Anime Continued

Hey everyone, as many of you know, the Inuyasha anime is being continued! YAY!  If you can access Hulu, episode 2 is up at http://www.shonensunday.com/anime/index.php?sid=10&ep=2

You may post your thoughts here!

P.S: Here's episone one if you're a bit behind :)  http://www.shonensunday.com/anime/index.php?sid=10&ep=1
7th-Oct-2009 05:57 pm - Week 97 [One shot—Overlook]
Title: A New Threat
Author: Saholia
Words: 642
Genre: General/Drama
Rating: T
A/N: Continuation of “Intangible”.

Read more...Collapse )
7th-Oct-2009 05:06 pm - Week 96 Awards! ^.^
Congratulations to our winners this week!

AwardsCollapse )
7th-Oct-2009 10:03 am - New Banner! Please help us promote!
Help us promote!


Please join the ebony_silks community!
7th-Oct-2009 09:37 am - "Torn" Winners
Here are your winners for the "Torn" challenge:

First Place

Total Deviation by thirteenxwishes

Second Place

"Forever" is a Fairytale by lin_yun

Congratulations! Your banners should be up soon. Thanks to all who participated and voted. We appreciate you keeping the community alive!

Don't forget about our Overlook one-shot challenge, taking entries now!
3rd-Oct-2009 02:44 pm - "Torn" Voting
It's time to vote!

Total Deviation

Operation Wardrobe Malfunction

"Forever" is a Fairytale


Please vote for TWO ENTRIES by Tuesday evening with a comment to this entry. The winner will be posted Wednesday.

Our next challenge is a one-shot, Overlook of 500 words or MORE due October 16th, and you can start posting those now.

2nd-Oct-2009 10:03 pm - Week #96 | Torn [Drabble]
Kids Inc - NERD!
Title: Offering
Author: LuxKen27
Universe: Canon
Genre: Drama
Rating: T
Word Length: 500
Summary: On the eve of battle, Sesshoumaru presents Kagome with a very special gift.

Author’s Note: Part of the “Allegiance” series, a sequel to ‘Compel.’

OfferingCollapse )
25th-Sep-2009 11:12 pm - [Week 96] [Drabble - Torn]
discussion, opposites, contemplative

Title: “Forever” is a Fairytale.
Author: Sango Shadowphoenix
Word count: 455 (*does a double-take* Really? I thought I did 1000+ for sure! Lol!)
Rated ‘E’ for Everyone
Universe: Doesn’t make a diff.
Disclaimer: InuYasha and its characters belong to Takahashi-sensei.

Summary: Kagome has faith in Sesshoumaru’s character. Even when Sesshoumaru has good reason not to have faith in himself. 
Warnings: I have realised that I have the tendency to be very vague about the plots that I write for ebony_silks (though they are minimal, considering they’re non-related drabbles and one-shots). o.O But I’m hoping “borderline writing-without-plot” is not going to start showing up in my Warnings section. I mean, I eventually reveal what I’m writing about, yes? I think I do. *nervous*    …does this count as a warning or an A/N…? (lol)

* * *

* * *

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