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[Week 96] [Drabble - Torn]

Title: “Forever” is a Fairytale.
Author: Sango Shadowphoenix
Word count: 455 (*does a double-take* Really? I thought I did 1000+ for sure! Lol!)
Rated ‘E’ for Everyone
Universe: Doesn’t make a diff.
Disclaimer: InuYasha and its characters belong to Takahashi-sensei.

Summary: Kagome has faith in Sesshoumaru’s character. Even when Sesshoumaru has good reason not to have faith in himself. 
Warnings: I have realised that I have the tendency to be very vague about the plots that I write for ebony_silks (though they are minimal, considering they’re non-related drabbles and one-shots). o.O But I’m hoping “borderline writing-without-plot” is not going to start showing up in my Warnings section. I mean, I eventually reveal what I’m writing about, yes? I think I do. *nervous*    …does this count as a warning or an A/N…? (lol)

* * *

Kagome shivered as a breeze swept through her hair, and she paused in her admiration of the moon so that she could pull the heavy shawl tighter around her shoulders.

A glint of white in the corner of her eyes made her lips tilt up in a knowing smile. “Come join me, Sesshoumaru,” she called.

Silently, he ghosted into position behind her, his standing shadow darkening her seated frame.

“The stars are out,” she said conversationally, “it’s going to be a beautiful day, tomorrow.”

He didn’t respond, though she knew he wouldn’t.

She sighed; she also knew why he didn’t. “I’m fine – it was just an accident, Sesshoumaru. There’s no need to blame yourself.”

She saw his shadow shorten before she felt the whisper of his body heat as he crouched down behind her.

“You can’t avoid me forever,” she told him. “In fact, I’d hate you if you did.”

“You are human,” he said, suddenly conversational, startling Kagome. “You do not have forever to hate me.”

Laughing, she cocked her head to the side, admiring the moon again, and her neck gleamed against the curtain of her hair and the shawl. She knew where his eyes were.

“Then, you don’t have forever to avoid me,” she insisted.

Carefully, he tugged the shawl over the white bandages covering her neck.

“Humans tear so easily,” he said, immediately removing his touch.

“But like dogs, we like physical contact,” she said, turning to him before he could retreat any more.

He stiffened indignantly. “I am a dog demon. I am beast, I am wild, but I am no mere dog.”

“You are beast, you are wild,” she agreed, “and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She leaned into him, forcing him to catch her. “Besides, I like it when you’re wild. ….In bed. Or otherwise,” she added teasingly, coaxing him.

He scowled, but his arm wound tighter against her. “You almost bled out. I nearly killed you.”

“Well,” she said nonchalantly, “you being you – precise, control-freak, perfectionist, the lot of adjectives – I know that you won’t ever bite my neck artery by accident again. Don’t you?”

He stared down at her, smelling her scent and feeling her warmth against his, once more overwhelmed by how she could so easily put such things behind her.

When he didn’t respond after a long while, she peeked up at him innocently. “Really, Sesshoumaru,” she said, “you’re not going to avoid me forever, are you? I really don’t have forever, you know.”

And he could only respond by pulling her closer and laying his face in the crook of her neck, listen to her soft laugh and feel the pressure of her soft lips on the crown of his head.

* * *

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