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Winter Wonderland
Even Angels Fall
Week #98 | Pain [Drabble] 
18th-Oct-2009 08:55 pm
Kids Inc - NERD!
Title: Consolation
Author: LuxKen27
Universe: Canon
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Rating: T
Word Length: 500
Summary: Kagome struggles in the aftermath of battle.

Author’s Note: Part of the “Allegiance” series, a sequel to ‘Salvation.’ This is the last entry in this particular story arc of the serial.

Sesshoumaru wasn’t surprised when, upon entering the chamber, he found Kagome fast asleep on the bed. It had been a long day for them all; the aftermath of battle always proved more difficult than the preparation for it.

He moved across the room on silent feet, absently going through his nightly routine. He still hadn’t fully recovered himself from the monk’s attack; anytime he came so close to transformation, it took a lot out of him. All he wished for now was a peaceful night.


The cry cut through his reverie; turning, he noticed Kagome had wrenched awake, tossing the blankets aside and sitting up. Her entire body was shaking with quiet sobs. Before he could place it, he found himself in front of her, reaching for one shoulder.

“I can’t stop seeing it,” she blubbered, feeling the warmth of his touch. “All that blood – that sickening crack of bone – ”

She choked on her words, leaning forward, her hair falling over her face. “I killed a man.”

He sank down beside her, pulling her close. Her pain and anguish poured over him, but instead of allowing the emotions to overwhelm him, he corralled them, not willing to give in and let them feast on his own dark memories.

“Does it always feel this way?” she whispered after a moment.

“You have to understand the weight of life in order to understand the weight of war,” he murmured. It had been a harrowing lesson for him to learn as well, driven to the depths of hell and back in pursuit of power. “Only then will you be truly able to wield your weapon with a compassionate heart.”

“Where’s the compassion in killing a monk?” she asked.

“This is the same man who murdered your husband,” he reminded her. “I do not understand how you could feel remorse for causing his demise.”

“Because I’m human,” she surmised. “And so was he.”

Sesshoumaru quirked a brow at her reasoning, but let it pass. “I am only sad we were not able to recover your weapon.” The blade of the wakizashi had broken in two while still buried in the monk’s wound, a testament to the force she’d used.

This statement brought on a fresh round of tears. “That, too,” she sniffled, reaching for his free hand. “I feel like I’ve let you down. I mean, it’s the first tangible gift you gave me, and for such a special reason, and I couldn’t even – ”

He cut her off abruptly by pressing his mouth to hers, lingering through the shiver of surprise that shot down her spine, before gently pulling away.

Her eyes searched his for the space of a breath.

“What was that for?” she asked, confusion ripe in her tone.

He furrowed a brow as he studied her. “That is how humans offer their mates comfort, yes?”

Her expression faded into a smile as her arms drifted around his neck. “Yes,” she returned, drawing her lips to his once more.
19th-Oct-2009 06:16 am (UTC)
Such a sweet and meaningful way to end this series. It's been pure joy following it, and I'm sad to see that it's over. You did a wonderful job, and I'd love to read more of your works. <3

Btw, love your icon. It really fits this entry.
19th-Oct-2009 06:25 am (UTC)
Such a sweet and meaningful way to end this series. It's been pure joy following it, and I'm sad to see that it's over.

! I didn't meant to imply that the series itself is over ~ only that this particular arc, which I've been building via prompts from this comm, is. There is still much to be explored within this universe; I already have an idea or two peculating in the background.

You did a wonderful job, and I'd love to read more of your works. <3

I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed it =) You are more than welcome to my other S/K offerings as well ~ I love receiving thoughts/comments/speculations from readers. Sometimes you guys have insights that take my muses in different directions, haha.

Btw, love your icon. It really fits this entry.

The new anime is GOLD for Sess fangirls *sigh*
(Deleted comment)
20th-Oct-2009 02:50 am (UTC)
Thanks :)
19th-Oct-2009 01:23 pm (UTC)
Interesting how they arrive at this point. To Sesshoumaru killing humans was once the same as stepping on a bug. Now his emotions are intertwined with Kagome's. Kagome has never killed a human being. She killed youkai without a second thought. Now she was forced to kill a man to save Sesshoumaru. It does cause her a great deal of pain to do so.
20th-Oct-2009 02:52 am (UTC)
I think that, even if she doesn't regret the action, she would still feel remorseful about it. As you said, she's never killed a human before...and she never had the chance to defend Inuyasha when he was attacked.

Her reaction is telling on quite a few levels, but then, so is his :) That's why I'm enjoying this series so much; they both continue to surprise me. Glad to hear it made you think! :P
20th-Oct-2009 04:15 am (UTC)
Sesshoumaru being compassionate is lovely. Kagome really is in a state - it makes sense that that would break him just a little bit. Combined with almost losing her and such. Her reasoning *doesn't* make sense, but I don't expect her to at this point.
25th-Oct-2009 12:32 am (UTC)
Though I haven't (yet) read the series/arc, this is a powerful oneshot. The mood is intense and I adore Sesshoumaru's reactions, his attempts to comfort her while being his pretentious self. His dialogue is especially potent.
30th-Oct-2009 07:04 am (UTC)
Thanks :) I love writing Sesshoumaru in a canon universe, he really fits, you know? He's very much a product of his time.

If you ever have the chance to read the series, I hope you do enjoy it. I think the longer entries do more justice than these little drabbles, since so much of their interaction is related to body language instead of actual language. (Oh, Sess, such a man of many words, LOL! :P)

Edited at 2009-10-30 07:04 am (UTC)
30th-Oct-2009 03:07 am (UTC)
I am loving this series, sorry I've been a horrible reviewer! This was a great addition to it; sweet and romantic, and Sesshoumaru's comfort ain't bad at'all!
30th-Oct-2009 07:05 am (UTC)
sorry I've been a horrible reviewer!

No worries ~ we all have lives around here, after all :P

Sesshoumaru's comfort ain't bad at'all!

Not bad for a first stab at it, eh? :P I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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