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Winter Wonderland
Even Angels Fall
Week 99//Oneshot//Stealth 
5th-Nov-2009 01:24 pm
Title: Anxiety-Fueled Insomnia
Genre: Romantic, mushy crap (I am not normally a romantic writer! Why, muses, why?! *shakes fists*)
Word count: ~650
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
AU/Canon: Post-canon
A/N: Since I'm sick and have several busy weeks coming up, I hope you all don't mind me posting pretty early. Thanks to those who commented on my week 98 drabble, as well--I apologize for the influx of cavities.

Sesshoumaru slipped out of bed quietly, being careful not to wake the other members of his household. If Rin woke at this hour, she would undoubtedly be cross with him in the morning, and if Kagome woke he would find himself holding her hair back so she could empty the contents of her stomach.

Since neither were things he particularly enjoyed, he kept silent as he padded through the hallway. As he came to Rin’s door, he paused to check on her, as he had every night he couldn’t sleep since she was small. As always, she was asleep in her bed, her favorite “head phones” contraption Kagome had given her from the future securely fastened to her ears. He readjusted her on the pillows so her neck wouldn’t cramp when she woke up, and tucked the blankets in around her from where she’d kicked them off. Satisfied, he left, quietly shutting her door behind him.

He entered his study, pausing to select several scrolls to read. Between this “teenage phase” of Rin’s, and Kagome’s rapid changes in mood, he was surprised that he wasn’t able to sleep. Those two wore him out.

Perhaps, said a niggling voice in his head, you are concerned that you will make a mess of this, like your father.

Irritated, he pushed the voice further back into his mind. Unfortunately, it was not one to be silenced

You are certainly following in his footsteps. At this rate, your wife will be killed one day by your inability to protect her, maybe even your pups as well.

You’d never be suitable father material. Who knows what Kagome thinks of you.

Irritated, he quickly clenched his fists before releasing them. It was a good thing his father’s lieutenants had taught him meditation techniques—in the absence of war, they were calming after a stressful series of days.

He stifled a yawn as he stood up from the cushion he was seated on, stretching and relieving his muscles from where they’d been in one position for too long. I’m just tired, he reasoned, and according to the perverted monk and demon-slayer it’s natural to be anxious before fatherhood.

He quickly decided that back beside Kagome was the best place to ease his restless nerves, and he crept back to their bedroom.

As he opened the door, a shaft of light from the lamp he held illuminated a sleeping Kagome. He inhaled deeply, reveling in the joined scent of her and their not-yet-born children.

He paused before climbing into bed, admiring the gentle swell of her stomach. The knowledge that her belly was filled with his pups was incredibly powerful, and the fact that they’d be half-demons didn’t detract from that fact in the least.

Kagome’s pregnancy was also strangely…arousing. Since their pups smelled like both of them, it was like he was constantly surrounding her, inside her. The striking sharp angles of her younger years had softened into womanly curves, and he found her new sensitivities in certain areas highly pleasing.

He could see how his father had been so taken with Izayaoi and Inuyasha. When he was young, and even into his early adulthood, he couldn’t possibly have understood. Now, when faced with the prospect of actually becoming a father, he could forgive and repent.

As he slipped his arms around Kagome’s ever-growing waist, he mused that perhaps he’d invite his brother over to visit soon. Inuyasha hadn’t gotten a chance to see them since they announced their news, and he was sure the hanyou hadn’t really considered the prospects of being an uncle.

He smirked as he drifted off. They were of his blood, after all, and he was fairly sure they’d kick Inuyasha’s hand sooner (and harder) than anyone else’s.

5th-Nov-2009 10:05 pm (UTC)
Heehee. Perhaps we can bribe a decent artist to illustrate it for us? *glances hopefully at the comm*
5th-Nov-2009 10:10 pm (UTC)
Oh that would be fabulous! Please...pwetty please all you lovely artists out there?
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