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Winter Wonderland
Even Angels Fall
Week 100 - Free Theme 
12th-Dec-2009 10:38 pm
discussion, opposites, contemplative

Title: “Just this Once…?”
THEME: “A Memorable Event” --- as inspired by our passing of “Week 100”
Author: Sango Shadowphoenix
Word count: 2700. Clearly, a one-shot.
Rated ‘M’ for “Mature.” Or “Many Explicit Sexual Situations.” Your Pick.
Genre: Lemon. Probably a PWP…?
Universe: Alternate
Disclaimer: InuYasha and its characters belong to Takahashi-sensei.

Summary: Kagome’s in a pinch. A pinch she just might as well enjoy.

Dedication: I dedicate my first lemon to ebony_silks, because it was the first writing community I joined, has awesome readers and writers and lurkers, and because it does wonders to get my lazy ass back into gear for writing. So, I humbly give to you, ebony_silks, my first lemon. *curtsy* Please be kind and give me pointers~ Hahaha.
No. Seriously. Tear it apart, and don’t be afraid to spit it back at me, despite that it is “a lemon.” (Actually, this goes for all my works!)

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content. Proceed if over 18. If not over 18 --- just don’t let anyone catch you. And if you get caught, be smart and take responsibility for your actions. (For example, blame yourself for proceeding despite the warnings, not the person who’s posting on the internet.) *peace sign*

One more A/N: I apologize profusely for the tardiness. And. Despite my best efforts…. I think this might fall into the category of a PWP. *frown* That’s also a first.

* * *

Kagome stared at the single futon.

With the two pillows.

“I didn’t volunteer for this!” she shrieked, whirling towards her boss and pointing emphatically at the bedding.

“Of course not. This Sesshoumaru paid for your willingness,” he deadpanned from where he leaned against the frame of their bedroom door, puffing away at his cigarette, watching her fluster.

“You sneaky jerk!” she heaved, “where was my fine print? Where was my mandatory cautionary warning?!”

“You were quite understanding about the need for discretion when you received that thousand-year ginseng for your grandfather,” he returned, shrugging.

As Kagome continued to rant at him, he heard the faint steps of someone approaching. Eyes narrowing, he pushed away from the frame, stepping towards Kagome and transferring his cigarette to be cinched between his fingers.

Somewhere between Kagome’s “what about all those other girls?” and “I can’t believe I’m pretend-dating my boss!” Sesshoumaru grabbed one side of her kimono collar, yanking it to expose her shoulder. The motion stunned her into silence, and keeping the cigarette well away from her, he dove in and took her earlobe between his lips, running his tongue along the sensitive back and extracting an immediate gasp as her hands shot up to grip his biceps.

The door slid open behind them.

“Excuse the disturbance, Young Master,” his aunt’s butler said, not sounding sorry at all. “Are the provisions satisfactory?”

Kagome’s neck was an attractive pink where he was nuzzling it, pointedly not turning around.

“More than satisfactory for our purposes --- after all, there is more than a bed here, which was really all we needed,” he drawled, moving his answer along her jaw and then across to her mouth.

He let his actions speak for him, and soon after heard the satisfying click of the shoji closing tartly behind him.

As soon as the butler’s steps faded, Kagome pushed him away, red all the way to where her kimono still gaped, pinching her lips together. She seemed to want to say something, but kept her silence.

He raised one brow at her. It did the trick.

“I get that you needed someone you could trust to play your girlfriend,” she burst, “but why do I need to sleep with you?”

When he opened his mouth to reply, she cut him off, wincing and shaking her hands furiously. “No, no, let me rephrase that --- why do I need to platonically share the same futon with you?”

“Because this Sesshoumaru’s aunt is determined to set me up with her daughter --- there’s no way the mother-daughter pair would let the chance go, if I were to sleep alone.”

“But couldn’t I just platonically share the same room with you?”

He took a puff. “An invitation to be drugged, so that Hina might slip into my bed, undetected. This Sesshoumaru does not find being drugged agreeable, even if you might.”

“Right. Drugs are bad. Cigarettes are the eighth wonder of the world,” she said, rolling her eyes. She bit her lip, thinking.

“Time for bed, darling,” he cut in, reaching down and deftly undoing the elaborate obi knot.

Kagome bit her lip harder, one hand coming up to keep her collar closed against the loosening of her clothes --- he had proved himself quite adept at handling obi, when he’d tied the blasted thing for her earlier that evening. But undoing the knot, with his large hands so delicately supporting the broad cloth, and carefully unwinding it from she who was the centrepiece… It was beginning to tie a knot, low in her stomach.

She pushed his hands away once the obi was loosely draping over her hips. “I can do it myself from here, thanks.”

The knot only tightened when he merely stepped back to watch. Surely, this was not part of the deal. The guarantee of “Privacy” was in there somewhere, she was sure of it, though her mouth and throat were dry, and she couldn’t summon the ability to say more than what was necessary.

She put away the kimono, changing into a sleeping yukata (thankfully, with aforementioned privacy) and finishing her nightly ritual. Upon returning to the futon, she found Sesshoumaru already enjoying the bedding.

“Stop dallying, woman,” Sesshoumaru ordered, flipping casually onto his back and tucking one arm under his head, causing his yukata collar to display some of his lean chest.

“Well, I’m very happy you’re so comfortable with all this,” she shot at him, a little belatedly, distracted by the alluring dip of his clavicle. “At least one of us is having a nice time this weekend, it seems.” She shifted onto the futon, checking her yukata again, tugging the top flap so that it overlapped more, and trying as hard as possible to take up as little space on the outermost edge of the futon as she could, her back to him.

“What a terrible girlfriend you make,” he snorted, his arm snaking under her waist and tucking her securely to his front. “Good thing I only hire you to be my secretary.”

Kagome tried to hide her face in her pillow, attempting to ignore the heat of his chest.

“Just because you’re good looking --- and that is a fact, not a compliment ---, doesn’t mean you have the right to be a jerk, too. And you’re quite enough of that, by the way,” she mumbled back.

“Badmouthing your paycheck, Miss Secretary?” he drawled, nosing the small hairs at the back of her neck, his breath whispering down her spine from where the yukata neck gaped.

Kagome clenched her teeth. “Since I have to withstand the misfortune of playing a jerk’s girlfriend, I might as well make the most of it by letting out all the frustration that working under you incites,” she responded, shifting a little so she was more on her stomach than on her side, in an effort to hide her face from him some more.

She felt his bark of laughter through her entire body. She also felt his arm tighten around her waist as he shifted to press her into the futon, his body over hers --- a move that Sesshoumaru definitely did not ask for consent to perform.

Frustration? Working under this Sesshoumaru? Like this?” He nibbled on her collarbone.

She grit her teeth, and just as she was about to push him off and yell at him for being inappropriately boyfriend-like, she took a sharp intake of breath, instead.

“We have an audience,” he murmured lowly into her ear, making another slow roll of his hip against hers. “Be a good girl and play along.” His habitual smoking hand snaked under the covers, searing across her chest and settling on the skin of her right breast.

Kagome didn’t quite manage to muffle her shriek this time, her own left hand catching his where it was kneading her, his flesh cool, causing her to nipple to stiffen, and catch deliciously on the calluses of his palm.

“Ah…” she gasped, pushing her forehead into the pillow, causing her neck to arch. Immediately, Sesshoumaru’s hot mouth closed on her nape, scraping his teeth lightly down her spine.

Somewhere in a dim corner of her mind, where thinking was still possible, Kagome realised that, though she had certainly fantasized about sleeping with her handsome boss --- which woman didn’t? --- actually doing it was an entirely different, prohibited, matter. Especially for such shallow reasons, and with an audience, no less.


“Shall I stop, Ka-go-me…?” The coolness of his finger, inside her liquid heat, stroking languidly in tune with her name, promptly short-circuited her brain.

Screw work ethics and modesty.

She was going to screw her boss, and she was going to enjoy it.


“No!” She cried, pressing her hips onto his hand and clenching, pulling his finger deeper inside. “Don’t stop, please, don’t stop!”

He seemed quite satisfied with that answer, the hand at her breast squeezing firmly, and he lifted his left knee, pressing it into the futon next to her legs, trapping her body more fully between his legs. He rolled his hips again, and this time, Kagome could feel his satisfaction.

With more of his weight transferred to his knees, his hands had more freedom to manoeuvre her, using the hand on her breast to pull her yukata down her back, exposing the valley of her shoulder blades and the dip of the small of her back, the yukata caught at the bend of her elbows and the knotted waistline, low on her hip.

Kagome let go of the hand still stroking her breast to fist the futon, and, as if afraid that the hand that had undressed her and was moving to undress himself was prelude to his leaving her, she freed her other hand from where it had been trapped beneath her own body, reaching around herself and snaking through the front flap of his yukata.

When Kagome’s heated fingers circled his hardened member, Sesshoumaru let out a vicious hiss, ramming his fingers deeply and roughly into her, causing her to cry out.

“Do it again,” she gasped, squeezing along his shaft and rubbing her thumb along the slit at the top. “Mmmph,” she cried, her fist trembling when he raked his teeth at the juncture between neck and shoulder before biting down, thrusting hard into her hand as his own moved to oblige her, ramming roughly into her again, his hand coated with her juices.

It felt really, really good, heating his usually cool fingers with her core, but she wanted to feel even, even better. She would regret the temporary loss of his fingers filling her --- but to get the best things, sacrifices had to be made.

She turned over, squeezing down his shaft one more time as she did, and he accommodated her movements, the both of them hissing when his member came in contact with her core, Sesshoumaru immediately bending his head to capture her right nipple in his mouth, biting gently before flicking his tongue on its underside. She arched, and his juice-coated hand smeared her essence over her left breast, his rough palm sliding slickly over her as he massaged her breast.

“Don’t stop,” she choked, hooking one slender leg over his hip, causing the mushroom head of his member to settle at her opening. Switching breasts, licking her left breast clean of her juices, he savoured the taste of her --- the prominent sweetness of her core and with the salty tang of her sweat --- and he groaned, loudly, almost a drawn out grunt of impatience as he felt himself sliding around her entrance, sometimes catching at one lip, sometimes almost able to let himself in.

“You taste so good,” he rumbled into her neck, dragging his tongue along her pulse.

Kagome tangled her fingers in the hair at his nape, gripping roughly and pulling his mouth up for a kiss that was all twisting tongues and nipping teeth, the sore and desperate press of lips on lips, her other hand reaching down between them and positioning him for good.

Then she raked her nails over his buttock, and he rammed into her, ignoring her scream and his own bestial snarl, deeply, deeply, until the exaggerated arching of her back lifting the both of them from the futon seemed to be an extension of his staff, as if he had skewered her all the way up her body.

When they returned to the futon from the suddenness of his intrusion, and he had set in a steady rhythm that pushed his throbbing member to the hilt each time, she slid her free hand up his chest, catching and rubbing the nub of his nipple before moving on to stroke along his jaw, her thumb running along his bottom lip. It was all she could do to keep her eyes open, the expression of pleasure and concentration that furrowed Sesshoumaru’s brows and the slight frown of exertion pulling his lips was novel on his usually expressionless face. She didn’t want to miss a single moment of it.

“It’s hot,” he growled, groaning when she met his hips rather fiercely, coiling the tension in their bodies to another level.

“Yessss,” she replied, pressing his hip down more tightly with the leg over his hip, pulling the tension taught around their pleasure. A few more thrusts, and she used her hooked leg to push back at him, flipping him over and oooohh, rubbing him inside as she went, until she was impaled upon him.

He snarled at her, one hand gripping her wrist tightly, pulling, as if pulling her arm might open her up more, might sink her liquid heat all the way through himself.

“Hey, boss” she blew into his ear, before nipping the throbbing vein that stood out on his neck, her lips warm and liquid and exactly the sort of thing he liked.

She lifted herself from him, until he was only barely past her entrance, the cool air of the room making his wet member even more sensitive to the sudden change in climate, and she ran her tongue along the shell of his ear, her other hand still gripping his locks, pulling his head back, into the pillow, his neck exposed for more biting.

“Shut up and sit down,” he demanded, letting go of her wrist to band his arm around her waist, and pulling her abruptly down upon himself, her back arching again and pressing her more firmly against him.

“Ngh,” he couldn’t help groaning when she bent her head down to circle his nipple with her tongue, raking her nails down his abs, one finger catching on his bellybutton.

With one hand splayed on his stomach to support her own thrusting, clenching and unclenching unconsciously, Kagome threw her head back, the tips of her long raven locks feathering over his sensitive thighs, making his nerve endings quiver all over. When he saw that her other hand had trailed further south and was rubbing and tugging at her own clit, Sesshoumaru surged upwards with a vicious growl, arm around her waist pulling her roughly down upon him and his other hand kneading one breast as he closed his mouth around the other nipple, dragging his tongue over the nub, opening his mouth wide as if to swallow her breast whole.

Ah, ahhh,” she gasped, ramming herself more insistently on his rod and thrusting her hips so that he rubbed her as he thrust, just as desperately up into her depths.

The tension was at its highest, and still escalating, not quite there, so close yet so far that it was painful and they were closing the gap quickly with each unrestrained jab and impale and ---

Sesshoumaru snarled and Kagome screamed as he toppled her suddenly onto her back and stabbed himself more deeply into her one more time, his seed shooting into her hot depths, the both of them holding each other tightly as the only thing they could do, their hips and limbs quaking with their climax.

They came down slowly, their skin tingling as the sweat cooled on bare skin, their yukata, bunched at their hips and elbows, uncomfortable and too warm.

They both looked towards one wall of shoji when they heard the flustered patter of feet and the slamming screen of a hurried exit in the next room.

“Hn. Do you think they enjoyed the show?” Sesshoumaru said, giving his hips another roll, allowing his softened member to caress her depths again.

“Mmmm… Doesn’t matter. I thought it was an award-winning performance.” She said, reaching up to kiss his chin.

“Will you be able to keep up, when we return to the office?” he asked her, kissing her softly on the lips.

“Hmm, I should be asking,” she kissed him back, teasing, stroking the underside of his tongue, “if ‘you can keep it up,’ when we get back to the office.”

He smirked, his lips quirking to one side, as if to show a fang if he were a demon. “This Sesshoumaru,” he replied, shifting his weight a bit and sucking on one nipple, making her moan melodiously, “is always a diligent worker.”

* * *

13th-Dec-2009 09:21 am (UTC)
Lol...that was awesome for your first lemon. I loved how the ending turned out. An explicit office affair is always hot. ^.~
14th-Dec-2009 03:04 am (UTC)
OMG that was sooooooo HAWT!
1st-Sep-2010 10:12 pm (UTC)
Very fun to read! :)
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