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Winter Wonderland
Even Angels Fall
Week 100 - Free Theme 
14th-Dec-2009 01:04 am
(MKR) H&L - All I Can Taste Is This Mome
*rushes in* Might as well...though I'm not sure I really like it. *bites nails*

Title: Bad Day
Author: royalbk
Theme: #Bad Omen
Genre: Comedy
Word count: 1300
Rating: T
Character(s)/Pairing: Sesshoumaru & Kagome
Fandom: Inuyasha
Summary: Together they made a not so ordinary fairytale. But who really needed glorified princes and wilting princesses in the end? SesshoumaruxKagome
A/N: This is the third drabble in my Fairytale Figments collection. You can find the rest on FF.net, even though you're not necessarily missing anything of vital importance yet.

Just developing the relationship

Kagome was beginning to think that maybe she should've sat Inuyasha when he'd pulled her out of her bedding in the morning; jabbering excitedly about a rumor he'd picked up, about a shard of the Shikon no Tama being close by.

She wasn't sure how he had found something like that without letting the others know, but the day had surely been a string of disasters - one by one coming to take their toll on her sanity - and the odds didn't seem to be in her favor any more than they had been a few hours ago.

And what was worse...

"Just what is it that you find so funny, Inuyasha?"

"He's such a glutton for punishment," Sango confided crossly to Miroku a few feet behind her. "I'm almost hoping that Kagome-chan will give it to him good this time..."

"Now, now, Sango-dearest..."

The rest of their hush-hush conversation was lost in Inuyasha's muffled snrrrrrk and Kagome's steadily increasing ire.

An angry Kagome. A dirty Kagome who had had the incredible bad luck of getting thrown face-first into a body of water, supposedly a lake (at least in the local villagers' opinion) in a heroic effort to slay the - also local - youkai. Centipede youkai. Lots of them.

Kagome hated centipede youkai. She hated Inuyasha right now...and since she was on the subject of hating something, she also currently hated Sesshoumaru - who'd lifted a hand, fluttered a sleeve and used his whip to slay his opponents (all without actually moving anywhere; unlike her flailing, ungraceful self) and she hated Sesshoumaru's pretty hair and stupid, pristine clothes which had some sort of demon dirt repellent...

Oh, and she really hated how she hadn't been able to look at him for the last half an hour because she knew that she reeked. And she applied the term reeked to her human senses, not to those of a youkai (yet another reason for him to think that humans like her were filthy...literally).

"You-you..." Inuyasha guffawed, looking as red as his clothes and obviously finding something funny. Maybe it was that one algae that she hadn't managed to remove from her hair yet...and that other one that has somehow latched itself to the clasp of her bra. "You should've seen yourself fly over Sesshoumaru's head. I don't think I've seen even him move that fast! And then, and then" he gesticulated wildly towards the - now - homicidal slayer whose suit didn't exactly allow a quick dry...

"Sit boy!" Kagome groused, already too disgusted of herself to turn killer on anyone. "Thank you for the short recap of the worst day of our lives. All five of us..."

"Six," Sesshoumaru interjected calmly, bypassing her at a leisurely pace with a cringing Rin and an even greener Jaken on his heels.

"...hope th-that your nose-uh falls off?" Kagome continued, not knowing whether to scream, stutter or panic at the fact that the mighty Lord of the Western Lands could read her mind.

"Whoa, talk about humiliation." Shippou chattered in the background of her already crumbling perception of the fearless assassin. Already this was the second time they were interacting, in her advantage, in the span of two days.

Was the sky on the verge of falling or something?

"I heard that," Inuyasha growled around a healthy mouth of grass, trying to get up. "You bah-tards!"

The situation was either getting worse because Sesshoumaru had spoken or better because Sesshoumaru had spoken, she thought to herself wryly; wondering if maybe it wasn't too much to presume that Sesshoumaru didn't think of her in the you-don't-exist kind of way anymore, but more in the we'll-cooperate-because-we-have-to kind of way.

At least he isn't overtly complaining about the way we all smell. If I didn't know him better...but apparently I don't know him that well anyway. Sesshoumaru defending me against Jaken, Sesshoumaru snarking against Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru the mind-reader - a parallel universe as far as she was concerned.

"Perhaps, lady Kagome," Miroku suggested, discreetly elbowing an amused Sango, "we should all redirect our attentions towards finding a suitable bathing facility? I am sure that the three of us would benefit from the wonders of hot water and your wonderfully efficient soap." His smile widened to blinding degrees as his gaze fell on Inuyasha. "And perhaps Inuyasha would too...?"

"No way!" Inuyasha shot out of the ground at the speed of light. "No fu-"

"Sit, boy!" Kagome countered before Rin was forced to listen to the f-word yet again. "A bath would be heavenly-and yes Inuyasha, you're also gonna take one...if I have to sit you constantly to keep you submerged!"

She turned on her heel and nearly ran into Sesshoumaru - who'd suddenly decided to teleport himself behind her!

Kagome squeaked.

Sesshoumaru stared over her at his brother (pretty much ignoring her) and Kagome struggled to calm her rapidly beating heart. The rest of the group had barely noticed - being too busy fantasizing about the miracle of being clean - but she was too conscious of him not to be skittish.

He was really tall up-close like this...

She cleared her throat and tried..."Um, may I help you Sesshoumaru-</i>sama</i>?"

Sesshoumaru shifted his gaze towards her with a sort of unnerving grace which normally didn't apply to a pair of eyes.

Kagome uneasily counted the seconds of silence.

Behind her Inuyasha grumbled something as foul as the water still clinging to her skin.

"The monk mentioned that you needed...bathing facilities."

Where was he getting at? "Yes, we do. Would you..." On a scale from 1 to 10, how insulting would it be if she asked him to sniff out a hot spring? Inuyasha - kinda - could...but then Inuyasha wouldn't kinda cut her to ribbons for her insolence. And she could always sit her rowdy friend and...

"You will force Inuyasha to take a bath." The youkai Lord stated primly, managing to make what was normally a question, into an imperious demand.

And if Kagome thought that the request was, in the least, odd - which she did seeing as it was coming from a totally disinterested party like Sesshoumaru - she tried very hard not to show it. "Of course we will. If we managed to do it last month, we'll manage just fine now. Though," she scratched the back of her head with an affected laugh, "I guess that it'll take us a few hours until we manage to find anything decent to wash. He might try to run away now that he knows..."

"There is a human village close by," Sesshoumaru stated, curtly signaling to a panicky Jaken (in Kagome's opinion, Jaken's memory of the waterfall was still a bit too vivid) to call Ah-Un and Rin back from where they'd ran forward. "You will be able to do as you please there," he added with a hint of distaste, before turning his back on her and resuming .

"Why?" Kagome asked bluntly. "Why are you helping me? I thought that you weren't interested in anything but destroying Naraku."

Sesshoumaru paused and turned his head to look at her from over his shoulder, "Inuyasha is taking a bath."

Kagome drew a blank. And another blank. And another...

Then froze when Sesshoumaru's lower lip faintly curled upwards and his eyes slanted at the corners.

"No matter. It is no concern of yours."

This time, when he turned away from her, Kagome didn't stop him.

Oh my God...oh my God...oh my GOD! Smirk, handsome smirk, devilish smile, Sesshoumaru smirking down at her...something wrongwrongwrong...

"What happened to you, wench?" Inuyasha grouched, coming up from behind her looking worse for the wear. "You look like you've just seen a ghost."

Kagome raised her eyes to look at him, blinked and then fainted right into his arms.
14th-Dec-2009 03:58 am (UTC)
LMAO...Kagome's too funny :D
14th-Dec-2009 07:05 pm (UTC)
*chuckles* I'm amused but I don't think that Kagome shares my sense of humor. She might just catch and maim me these days for putting her through so many things with Sesshoumaru.

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