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Priestess Skye

Holiday Theme Drabble

Title: Lighting The Way
Author: Priestess Skye
Genre: Reflective, slice of time
Word Count: 250
Rating: PG
Canon/AU – Canon

The beat of the taiko drums echoed throughout the night as they watched the local residents participate in the bon odori dances, their colourful yukatas flying left and fans flying right. Her own fan was currently tucked into the silvery blue fabric of the obi wrapped around her own yukata. The river before them was brightly lit with the tea lights in paper lanterns as they were set to sail by those who wished their ancestors a safe voyage home.

For some, Obon was simply another holiday, but for the first time, Kagome could understand its true meaning as she held her lanterns close to her. Two of them.

Sesshoumaru held the third and fourth.

The drums beat louder as she took her place on the water’s edge and set her lanterns down, the kanji on the side simply stating their names.

Sango and Miroku.

Rin and Inuyasha.

The names, though written simply, meant so much more and it broke her heart to think that they were unable to make the journey with her and meet her in this time. Watching Sesshoumaru light his lanterns, she lowered her eyes to her own before accepting the long match from him. How ironic it was that the man who had once tried to kill her was now standing next to her honouring their past.

Her friends.

His ward and brother.

Gently pushing the lanterns into the water, they watched silently as they joined the others floating down stream. Without a word, Sesshoumaru placed her hand in his, holding it tightly.

“Safe passage,” she whispered. “Until we meet again.”
Tags: oneshot/drabble theme!priestess_skye
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