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Winter Wonderland


Ebony Silks is a challenge community created especially for the alternate pairing Sesshoumaru/Kagome of the anime Inuyasha. An idea I've had for quite some time, seeing as how only general Inuyasha challenge communities exist and nothing strictly based on this particular couple.

Inspired by many wonderful communities that exist out there! I only hope this will have as much success...in time. >.>

Challenges? It's the main purpose of this place. Drabbles, one shots...everything goes here. Of course, everything Sesshoumaru/Kagome based.


Here are the quirks of this community. Once a week, I will give out a challenge and anyone is invited to join in the fun. I will alternate so you won't get bored - drabble (maximum 500 words), one shot (minimum 500 words).

So drabble, one shot, drabble, one shot, will be the way to pass the month.

* One entry per contest please.

* Challenges last from Saturday to Saturday and voting usually - but I wouldn't count on a fixed date - will come after that and last...until we have enough votes.

You can start posting your entries after I post the voting polls so there will be nothing to hold you back from writing as soon as possible!

* The stories must center around Sesshoumaru and Kagome as the main pairing. Friendship, romance, allies, respect...pick your choices. Manga and anime versions both allowed.

* As far as voting is concerned, there will be no voting twice for the same entry. Under any circumstance please! That means that the Special Category can't be the same as 1st, 2nd or 3rd (we can have more than three places at times) place.

* Also, no voting for yourself. *fullstop* xDD

* I would appreciate it if you tagged your entries accordingly. It's easy just use the following format - oneshot/drabble theme!yournamehere. If the tag with your name doesn't exist and it's stubborn enough not to want to appear even after you try to create it, come to me and I'll create it for you.

* One shots are minimum 500 words. Drabbles are maximum 500 words. ♥

* Please use spell check and take the time to correct typographical and grammatical errors before you post.

* Use an lj-cut even if it's a drabble. While this is a community for one main pairing, some may not want to scroll down for eons to get to the entry they desire.

* I'd appreciate it if you didn't post these entries anywhere else at least until voting is closed and winners are announced. (but I suppose I can't begrudge you if you do)

* Lj-cut goes hand in hand with correct ratings. Mature themes? Feel free to post without anyone stopping you. Try to let your ratings reflect that though...some may not want to read sex or violence.

To make this absolutely crystal clear, so that no one will come asking later - all entries go under an lj-cut. Anything not suitable for young readers must have a big and shiny warning.

* Main pairing - Sesshoumaru/Kagome. Minor pairings must stay minor.

* Entries should contain:

Title. Duh?
Author. We'd like to know to whom the prize goes.
Genre. Yeah...some people might not be too enthusiastic about reading a smutty/fluffy story. I don't understand why either but it's life.
Word count. I'm pretty much lenient here but I'd like it if you were honest.
Rating. Just so the faint of heart don't feel it spasming when they discover God knows what. *chuckles* And I'm not kidding.
Warnings. Squick warning is to assure eyesight for those who are not into sex, character death, violence etc etc.
AU/Canon. Both are delicious but not everyone loves them equally.

* The headline should look like this: [Week #] [Drabble/One shot - # Theme]. Easier to keep stories under watch this way!

* After I've given the challenge, you will have two weeks to submit your entries and another three days afterward (not everyone can be online non-stop) to vote for your favorites. Those will be kept secret - but I'm pretty sure you were expecting this.

* Once I post voting (or announce an extension...they do happen you know!), you can start posting for the next theme.

* Shiny banners for the winners. Don't be shy! We'll find someone to doooooo them I promiiiiise! >>;

* There will be times when we won't have a banner maker due to the fact that we can't chain them to us and because RL can be tricky. Please be patient and wait for them - they'll come...even if I have to make them. Pray that I don't. I think I may suck at bannering. >>;


However I will allow community promo posts around here - just, um, try to keep them writing related...or Inuyasha related if possible. Still, nothing wrong with promoting other comms. xDD

* Want to suggest a theme? Go here, and we'll be happy to incorporate your ideas. =)

Good luck with your writing. I love being surprised.


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+Artist Permission+

The following - wonderful - DevArt artists have given our banner makers permission to use their drawings for banners. Here is where we credit them to Heaven and back~! xD

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